Transforming Underwriting Operations Through AI-Powered Document Automation

empowers lenders to scale their operations efficiently by offering the industry's most detailed and precise solution for financial spreading.

will read, understand, extract, and normalize needed information from a broad set of financial documents in unlimited formats.
Upload Financial Content

Efficiently upload financial data using nRoad's workflow solution or API, across a variety of document types and formats.

Extract, Classify, and Transform Data
Convus quickly and accurately:
Identifies document type
Extracts raw data
Transforms data as needed
Standardizes the data to align with platform and model specs
Pass Normalized Data to Origination Platform

Smoothly integrate processed data into your origination platform, tailored for immediate use.

Complete Underwriting

Enable swift and informed credit decisions, reducing the time from application to decision.

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comes equipped with an intuitive workflow application to manage and audit work.
Convus is designed to cater to the dynamic needs of modern workflows offering a seamless and efficient user experience for all.

Robust Security Measures

Equipped with built-in authorization and authentication functions to ensure data security and integrity.

Detailed Audit Trails

Provides a detailed audit trail and intuitive traceability functions for enhanced monitoring and compliance.

Training Module

Allows efficient in-house review of any low-confidence data-points with feedback returning to ConvusTM.

Feature-Rich Environment

Comes with over 100+ features and enhancements right out-of-the-box, providing a rich, ready-to-use environment.

Is reshaping the landscape. Our cutting-edge platform brings a trio of transformative advantages to your business.
Reduce End-to-End Cycle Time & Close More Deals

Outpace competitors and enhance customer satisfaction

Streamline Processes & Reduced Expenses

Expect up to a 60% to 70% reduction in back-office processing costs.

Data Driven Underwriting & Knowledge Retention

In house training mechanism retains essential knowledge in house

Convus revolutionizes operational capabilities and propels businesses forward. Embrace the future of lending with ConvusTM today!

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